Dec 12, 2019

This Communication, Advocacy and Dissemination Strategy is developed for the Bureau of

Statistics (BOS) through the support of the European Union (EU) and United Nations Development

Programme (UNDP), under the Lesotho Data for Sustainable Development Project. It is aimed

at improving the visibility of BOS, raising its profile and improving its communications with

stakeholders, thereby aiding in the delivery of its mandate. It is meant to be used as a map to

guide the efforts of BOS to raise awareness about its mandate as well as mobilise support towards

a well-coordinated National Statistics System that is demand driven and culturally relevant.

Relevant, credible and timely data is critical for the processes of designing development

programmes and policies as well as monitoring and evaluating the country’s development. As

such, strong National Statistical System (NSS) is key for designing national policies and managing

results on socio-economic development. The BOS is responsible for coordinating, monitoring

and supervising the NSS. It is mandated by the Government of Lesotho through the Statistical

Act of 2001 to be the principal data collecting, processing, analysing and dissemination agency.

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