Eight Goals for 2015

Overview: Lesotho's Progress on the MDGs

The eight millennium development goals, which range from halving extreme poverty to combating the spread of HIV/AIDS and reducing child and maternal mortality, aim to galvanize efforts that meet the needs of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable. UNDP plays a unique role as the ‘scorekeeper’ monitoring the status of achievements, as we move towards the 2015 deadline. The task of the UNDP is not only to monitor progress, but also to coordinate the efforts of all UN agencies working towards achievement of the MDGs. With the deadline for the MDGs approaching, the UNDP is in the process of a global dialogue through which people can help shape the development agenda after 2015.

MDGs at a Glance






Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger

Halve the proportion of people whose income is less than a dollar a day

Off Track

Halve the proportion of people who suffer from hunger


Achieve Universal Primary Education

Ensure that all children are able to complete primary education

On Track


Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women

Eliminate gender disparity
in education by 2005 and at all levels no later than 2015

On Track


Reduce Child Mortality

Reduce by two-thirds the under-five mortality rate

Off Track


Improve Maternal health

Reduce by three-quarters the maternal mortality ratio

Off Track


Combat HIV/AIDS and TB

Halt and begin to reverse spread of HIV/AIDS

Slow Progress

Halt and begin to reverse incidence of TB


Ensure Environmental Sustainability

Halve the proportion of people without access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation

Slow Progress

Reverse loss of environmental resources


Develop a Global Partnership for Development

Develop further an environment conducive for beneficial trade and investment

 Slow Progress

Make available the benefit of new technology in cooperation with the private sector