Our Stories

  • Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

    Eighty (80) women empowered through training of entrepreneurs in the districts of Berea and Qacha's Nek. The training followed a skills assessment and introductory courses on entrepreneurship and business management and was more focused on mentorship for business management, start-ups and formulation of business ideas. The women said they feel empowered and they can now see other opportunities awaiting them.

  • Financial Literacy starts with youth
  • Political Transition in Lesotho

    The elections for the past 15 years in Lesotho had been followed by disputes and unrests. The 2012 general elections were peaceful and the taking over of the government by the new parties which formed coalition government was successful.

  • Purchase of Solar Measuring Equipment to promote Solar Energy

    Three (3) Solar measuring equipment was purchased for the Lesotho Meteorological Services so as to capacitate it in generating information to be used by energy planners. This equipment was installed in two remote areas of Lesotho Mokhotlong and Qacha's Nek and one in Maseru.

  • Rural Electrifications piloted in the mountains of Lesotho

    The Lesotho Renewable Energy was piloted in the three districts in the mountains of Lesotho. The solar pv systems were installed in the villages in these districts to provide electricity, generate water for irrigation and use of their electric appliances.

  • Sustainable Land Management Model Developed

    Managing a country's natural resources so that they provide the basis for sustainable rural development is a huge challenge. In Lesotho, land is the key resource sustaining rural livelihoods across the country; among other goods and services, it provides communities with food and water, fodder for their animals, and biomass for home heating and cooking. If peoples' needs for these goods and services are to be sustainably met, then land needs to be carefully managed and trade-offs made.