Democratic Governance and Peacebuilding


Since restoration of democratic rule in 1993, UNDP has worked hand-in-hand with all the stakeholders to strengthen the country’s democracy and to promote a culture of dialogue and negotiation for resolution of national issues. UNDP's focus is on promoting peace, democratic governance and building effective institutions by ensuring that national and local governance institutions deliver quality and accessible services to all citizens respecting the protection of human rights, promotion of gender equality, access to justice and peaceful resolution of conflict. Specific emphasis is on strengthening of governance and accountability institutions, performance management systems as well as supporting the decentralisation process.

Our Goal

Our emphasis is on complementary efforts that boost institutional leadership, performance and accountability, citizen participation and mechanisms for maintaining social peace, targeting core democratic and accountability institutions - Independent Electoral Commission, Ombudsman, Parliament, Human Rights Unit of Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Public Service - critical to policy and institutional reforms.more

Polling Day

People in the queu on the election day. The elections officer in front of them is giving explanations regarding simple logistical issues and answering questions time to time as new people arrive and join the queu.more

Our Stories

Handing Over of the National Flag to the Incoming Prime Minister following the Swearing-In Ceremony

Peaceful government transition in Lesotho

Since 1998 elections, post election activities and taking over of government was never a peaceful event.  For one reason or the other political leaders would, inmore 

Heads of Churches and Political dealers after the discussions and signing of the electoral pledge

UNDP works with Church to resolve election disputes

Whenever it was elections time in Lesotho, people would be confused about what to expect.   This feeling in 2012 elections evaded in the thin air asmore 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Deepening Decentralization Programme

    The deepening of decentralization is implemented to ensure that communities are provided with essential services. This will open doors for communication between the central government and community councils. There has been lack of getting the local government off the ground hence this development of the project.more 

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