Africa Adaptation Programme

What is the Project about?

  Solar energy equipment purchased through this project to help the government utilize solar energy as a way to adapt to climate change

This project is about helping Lesotho as it faces serious economic and social Climate Change (CC) related challenges.  Lesotho has been identified as one of those countries most vulnerable to climate change worldwide.  Increases in peak temperatures and precipitation events and in their seasonal and long term variability would result in droughts, floods and both cold and heat stress risks.  As climate change is expected to impact on human health and energy access through multiple pathways, it is expected that there would be reduced agricultural production through a shift and potential shortening of the growing period, cause malnutrition and thus affect child growth.  This project seeks to ensure that climate change risks are addressed under the following AAP Global Project outputs;

  • strengthening institutional and human resource capacities,
  • improving policies and implementing measures, including specific pilot activities assisting communities in developing Climate Change Adaptation Strategies and Action Plans and developing robust responses in energy and health sectors,
  • developing an innovative, sustainable financing, and
  • implementing knowledge management and information dissemination activities on national and international levels.

What have we accomplished so far?

The project is now closed and the following were achieved:

  • Awareness campaigns on climate change held through out the country to sensitize communities on what to expect and how to respond
  • Increased government's capacity to participate in global fora e.g. COP17, SE4ALL  as a way to further assist the government to fully understand and learn from other countries' initiatives
  • Convened stakeholders around climate change issues and provided technical assistance for integrating climate change into planning processes - such as the National Strategic Development Plan and national and sectoral M&E frameworks. Various ministries started using climate change economics and financing principles for sectoral work;
  • wet up a Climate Action Intelligence system to monitor and analyse climate change interventions and their impact.
  • introduction of technology and process investments to collect and monitor climate related data for planning and decision making. Wind/solar equipment, e-infrastructure strengthened data analysis.

Who Finances it?

Organisation                                              Amount (US$)
Government of Japan 2,975,000
Government of Lesotho 75,000
TOTAL 3,050,000

Delivery in the past fiscal years

Years Delivery Amount  (USD) Delivery %
2010 99,094 6.4
2011 663,2201 39
2012 1,671,307 86