Most of our vacant jobs are advertised in the local english newspapers.  Our advertisements run for two weeks depending on the nature of the post.  In order to cut costs, the advert on the newspaper gives basic information about the job, the full Terms of Reference are available on our websites, either corporate or local.  A link will be provided in that regard.

For those posts which are also open to international candidates, only the corporate website is used.  Due to the anticipated long list of applicants, the candidates are often requested to apply on line, attach CV and all the necessary documentation for that post.

Vacancies and Consultancies

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Deadline Remarks
Communications and Reports Specialist in the Office of the Resident Coordinator/UN System Lesotho Maseru, Lesotho 27th April, 2014 Individual Contract - National/International
M & E Specialist for the Office of the Ombudsman Maseru, Lesotho 25th April, 2014  
Conference Facilitator for the Sustainable Land Management Project Maseru, Lesotho 25th April, 2014 National Consultant
Consultant for the Evaluation of the Consolidation of Democracy and Good Governance (CDGG) Maseru, Lesotho 26 March, 2014 Individual Contract (International)
Call for papers and posters for Sustainable Land Management conference
Maseru, Lesotho
30st April , 2014  
National consultant Data Analysis for housing policy Maseru, Lesotho 28th March , 2014 (extended)
National Consultant
National Operations Manager (OM) Maseru, Lesotho 21st March, 2014  
UN Receptionist Maseru, Lesotho 7th March, 2014
IT Consultant
Maseru, Lesotho 28th February,2014 Individual Consultant
Training Consultant on Youth Political and Civic Engagement Maseru, Lesotho 14th March, 2014 (extended)
Individual Consultant
Technical advisor sustainable land management project Maseru, Lesotho 14th February, 2014
National Consultant
Development of a project document for ecosystem-based adaptation project Lesotho
28th February, 2014 (extended)







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Resident Coordinator Annual Report - 2013
RCAR 2013

This Resident Coordinator's Report gives update regarding the achievements and successes of the United Nations Agencies in Lesotho for the year 2013.

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