Mr. Salvator narrated the genesis and developmental stages of the project starting with the pledge by Lesotho political parties to prioritize reforms after the June 3, 2017 poll, to key UN’s responses that included the deployment of team of experts who consulted stakeholders and supported the Government to develop a Reforms Framework and Roadmap titled, “The Lesotho We Want: Dialogue and Reforms for National Transformation - Vision, Overview and Roadmap.”
Firstly, Mr. Annan worked tirelessly for global peace, security and cooperation. Secondly, as UN Secretary General, Mr. Annan placed a high premium on the promotion of Human Rights.
It is my hope that all reform stakeholders in Lesotho can see the document for what it is: an important vision statement and exercise of leadership by the government; and one that can be enriched through a constructive engagement of all stakeholders.
Eventually, through the determination and drive of eleven founding members, their dream came true.
Effectively support creation of environmental benefits and safeguarding of the global environment through community and local solutions that complement and add value to national and global level action.

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