UNDP Lesotho is seeking stories of innovation led by women in Lesotho. Stories of grassroots innovations will identify life ‘hacks ’ emerging from ordinary life and used to address the bottlenecks of our daily lives.
We need women’s ideas, insights, and experiences to inform the design and implementation of these innovations so they meet women’s needs and truly leave no one behind.
The UN has been a partner in Lesotho’s development since independence, supporting the government of the day and the people to pursue national aspirations. Within this partnership, the UN has supported the quest for the reforms since 2015 when the previous government sought and received technical support on constitutional review options. Support to the reforms continued after last year’s election when the current government approached the UN for support.
Eventually, through the determination and drive of eleven founding members, their dream came true.
Effectively support creation of environmental benefits and safeguarding of the global environment through community and local solutions that complement and add value to national and global level action.

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