About UNDP in Lesotho

Our collaboration and support to the Government and people of Lesotho is governed by the Country Programme Document 2008-2013, which is based on the priority needs of the country. We are committed to build on and share experiences with our wide range of partners, to maximise the impact of poverty reduction initiatives of the Government of Lesotho in addressing these challenges. There are three main focus areas we work on.

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Statement from the United Nations Country Team in Lesotho

The United Nations is deeply concerned about the situation in Lesotho. We call for immediate calm, restraint from violence, and respect for human rights.

The United Nations urges government officials and all parties to work together constructively to restore trust and find common ground in the pursuit of a peaceful and lasting solution, while respecting rule of law and the democratic process. 

In this effort, there should be no delay. The promotion of a lasting peace is fundamental to efforts to make further development progress in Lesotho.